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Roku 3 vs Chromecast

roku 3 vs chromecast best streaming players reviews

Roku 3 Vs Chromecast:  Best Streaming Player Reviews

A lot of people are looking for optimum fun and enjoyment on their televisions. In making this possible, there are the best streaming players to find in the market that make it easy to have access on the most favorite content thru the internet.

Streaming media players are even more popular on many people. They are often available on huge selections along with their varied prices. In fact, there are the most ideal brands to buy that customers are left choosing on roku vs. chromecast.

Roku 3 Streaming player is proven to be more powerful and faster. It has its 1080p HD video along a dual-band wireless and extended-range performance. Due to these features, it has its extra speed, so far.

Apart from it, it also has its even amazing remote plus a headphone jack. Ear headphones are also included in cranking up the late night shows while parents or kids are on their good night sleep. Searching is even made easier and faster on the most-liked television shows and favorite movies from the services such as Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus or Netflix. There are almost one-thousand channels to acquire the best choice of streaming. The good thing is that everything can be found from Hulu Plus to Netflix and then to Major League Baseball (MLB).

Actually, Roku is at best because it has seven-hundred fifty channels to choose from. The recent added features are College Humor and PBS. This basically comes in different options that it plays all games like Galaga, Angry Birds, Pacman and many more. It is also possible to make use of Android or iPhone, mainly as a remote. It also has its applications for purchase or for free that the SDK can be downloaded right on the site.

Furthermore, there are also free Android and Ios device applications that can be used just like a remote. Adding newer channels and browsing on them are even possible. Another good thing is that streaming photos and music right on the tablet or phone directly on HDTV is made easy through the use of roku 3.

best streaming player reviews

smartphone used for playing on streaming media player

Getting on the entertainment is even possible because the channel store of Roku has its many selection of streaming channels. Gaming fun is even possible for family and friends who want to have a break on movies. The motion-sensing technology further enhanced Roku 3 with game buttons that are designed for fun and fast maneuvers. As mentioned, hit games included are Angry Birds, along with Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune for one to stay in tune with games almost all the time.

On the other hand, from the best streaming player reviews there are things you must provide such as high-speed internet, wireless router, HDMI cable and internet browser. However, you must take note that a faster internet connection is needed. This is to ensure a better video quality. In getting the best results, one point five mbps is recommended for getting the standard definition and HD content on Google chromecast and roku 3 also.

On the other hand, Google Chromecast has its specifically built-in features that aid in perfect streaming online video and music on television through the use of tablet, laptop and Smartphone.

As compared to Roku 3 that supports only Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, Google Chromecast supports YouTube, Pandora, Music Mobile Apps and Google Play Movies.  Google Chromecast also works well with Ios, Chrome for Windows, Chrome for Mac and Android. It can even be set up easily by plugging into HDTV and connecting on Wi-Fi Network. Apart from it, it also includes HDMI extender, power adapter, USB power cable and Chromecast.

Unlike the Roku 3, Google Chromecast only has fewer amounts of applications. However, once it is installed, it can take the content on the device to play it on the television without the device turned on. Your tablet or phone stands as the remote control wherein everyone can even connect to. It is even possible to send videos while someone can soon start playing the Netflix movie. Queuing it up is also good that makes it look like a jukebox.

Chromecast can be plugged in directly on the HDMI port. It nearly disappears behind the television. Nevertheless, you still need to plug it. More so, the GDK is also available for people who are willing to write applications for Chromecast. The primary apps are only few, and these are YouTube and Netflix.

More so, it is even easy to start using the device in three easy steps. After plugging Chromecast on HDTV, connecting it on Wi-Fi is the next thing to do. Afterwards, videos can be sent from the tablet, laptop or smartphone to your television. Even family and friends may make use of Chromecast using their tablet, laptop, smart phone without further setup. This is how easy it could be to use Google Chromecast.

Thus, choosing between roku 3 streaming player vs google chromecast still depends on your own preference. However, we have presented you with two leading and  best streaming player reviews. i personally prefer roku 3 over chromecast due to its features.