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Roku 3 Vs Apple TV

As we know Roku 3 and Apple TV are two of the famous devices used to stream movies, photos, television shows, and videos on high-definition television and are connected on the internet and wireless environment. the ease behind these devices Actually, people often rent HD movies and television shows for their widescreen HDTV.

Nevertheless, a competition arises between these stream players. The comparison between both is a common question that is asked by many buyers. They basically differ in some aspects of entertainment choices, other entertainment features (news, sports, kids, music, international), key player features, media playback and connectivity.

In the entertainment choices, Roku 3 has more than thousand channels while Apple TV only has thirteen channels to choose from. Roku has the Amazon instant video, a video that gets higher demand because it includes free movies and Prime while the Apple doesn’t have. The former stream player has its Crackle and Time Warner Cable for live television while the Apple TV also has not. On the other hand, Apple TV has official YouTube channel  while Roku 3 has not (still third-party apps can be used for youtube playback). However, they are the same provider in terms of Netflix (subscription television shows and movies), Hulu Plus, and HBO GO.

For other entertainment features, Roku 3 is an excellent provider of Pandora (music), VEVO, Spotify (music), PBS Kids, Disney Kids, MLS (Major League Soccer), UFC, NBC News, Fox News, Huffington Post for news, CNBC for business news, Dishworld, and Angry Birds Space on game. On the other hand, Apple TV and Roku 3 are the same provider of MLB.TV, NBA and NHL.

In regard with the key play features, Roku measures 3.5 by 3.5 by 1.0 inches, while the Apple measures 3.9 by 3.9 by 0.9 inches. They both have the key feature on HD video streaming. On the other hand, Roku has more of its features such as remote that comes along with a built-in headphone jack, remote, action-controlled gaming, search on shows and movies on multiple channels and immediate replay button that reminds video for nearly seven seconds. The application compatibility is different because Roku 3 is for iOS and Android while Apple TV is only for IOS.

In terms of media playback and connectivity, both of them are able to connect on HDTVs using HDMI.They also have built-in WI-FI, dual-band wireless N and Ethernet port. However, Roku 3 has its USB port in playing media from the USB device and “microSD card slot”. The good thing about Apple TV is that it has its optical audio slot and Bluetooth support that goes on wireless connection.

Now, you have learned many things about these two top media streaming player significant features that they are exactly opposite and the same. Learning more about their features above, you now have the basis for your judgment. The decision in choosing between Roku 3 vs apple TV still depends on your own taste for stream players as you have read reviews of both.

What are you still waiting for? Feel free to choose which of the two stream players are ideal in streaming movies, photos, television shows and videos!