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Roku 3 Review 2014,Comprehensive Overview of Roku3 Streaming Player

Best streaming box available in the market. Roku is not a new comer in the set-top boxes. Ever since its first product launched in the market, the company has been setting the standards. What makes it so successful is the variety and broad raneg of choices it offers to users when it comes to streaming. Apple and WDTV are its competitors but they lack they lack that greater amount of choice. All of the 3 competitors offer quite a same thing but in their very own manner. Apple and WDTV offer the content to users which own but Roku offers all the content from third parties, hence providing a greater number of channels.
Officially the manufacturer called it “responsive and most powerful streaming box”. Let’s see whether this device truly fits upon this title.

Design And Look:

roku 3

“Small, Shiny and Powerful”
It features so many things under the hood that you might get confused how they packed so many things in such a small box. Its design and space management is wonderful. It’s like a small wonder box once you start to know about it.
It has an ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) processor and lots of stuff in a glossy and curvy rectangular box. This one is smaller and lighter than the Apple TV set top boxes. Although it’s made of plastic and does not come near to Apple TV’s shiny and beautiful looks but that does not matter too much as after all its not a thing you’ll keep in your hand all the time like a smartphone.
Roku3′s back side has a microSD slot, a power plug, Ethernet port and HDMI output. microSD offers a greater number of memory and storage options as it has a very limited memory of its own. For those who are still living in the wire age if internet there is an Ethernet port for connectivity. HDMI port does its job for connecting it to the TV. A USB port sits on side of the player used for play back of media files.

Roku 3 Review: Remote

Roku 3 Remote Control

Remote is the stellar feature  which has a headphone jack with volume buttons for private listening experience. You have to plug-in the audio jack, as soon as you do it the TV becomes mute and you can listen all the sounds via headphones. Volume control buttons on the left side of remote can adjust the volume. Another cool feature is that you can leave the TV volume un affected if you enter the personal listening mode. The remote is connected through WiFI Direct which means you don’t need to point it to the box if you need to change something. A drawback of remote is its very limited range as the signals start to get noisy if you move a bit far away from the device.
This feature easily makes it as a make shift user-friendly headphones plus the voice won’t disturb anyone when you are streaming stuff late at night. It gives away free ear buds in the package too, well that’s more like a way to attract more people towards it.
The button positioning of remote is very simple and easy to use except the OK button which should be in the center with directional buttons surrounding it. The remote has Nitendo’s Wii like motion detecting features which come into use if you are to play the games, but don’t get too excited as it offers only a single game i.e. Angry Birds Space.

Roku App:

roku 3 app

the device can be easily controlled by an impressive smartphone app available for both iOS and Android. This app gives you the advantage to use your smartphone as a remote as it has the same on-screen buttons like the original physical remote. This app lets you browse and search your desired channel directly from your smartphone. App is easy to use and is very responsive, it has a touch screen keyboard which allows you to type in the name of the channel, it also shows you the downloaded stations and you can also play the channel just by speaking the name.

Over-Hauled Interface:

roku 3 interface

Roku’s interface faced a major overhaul. The new and improved interface is very dynamic and user-friendly. Users can see 9 tv stations at a time unlike the previous versions which offered only 6 channels. The theme used in background can also be changed and transitions are also quite catchy while gliding through the menus. Menu bar sitting on the left makes it very easy to navigate through  options . Little features like check boxes appear on the installed channels. Typing the name of the channel in search box via remote is lethargic, it does not has a voice control, i mean when they have given an option of wireless private listening modes then so easily they could have put an option for voice command. Overall the user interface is excellent (way too better from the interface of the older versions) but it still could not get ahead of Apple TV’s interface.

Playback Options


Roku 3 offers you a jaw dropping 750+ channels, way more than its competitors. 750 plus means that you get a lot of variety, although not all of them will be the ones you would really like to watch but there are many to fulfill your appetite. All the channels you have subscribed are linked directly to your Roku’s account so that you can access them anywhere when you move the device. Other than the offered or available channels it also offers you Time Warner Cable (TWC) app for live TV. Sports lovers can watch the offered sports channels, plus they can purchase a package to watch their favorite team/sport in action. It’s more like a pay per view.
To Play Youtube on Roku 3 there are private channels like Twonky, Plex and VideoBuzz offer Youtube from your smartphones which work just fine.

TV & Movie Channels:

Not all but Some Popular are listed below.

Hulu Plus
Amazon Instant


  • Picasa
  • Vimeo
  • TWiT
  • Flickr

Sports Channels:

  • MLS Live
  • NHL
  • NBA Game Time


  • Vevo
  • Spotify
  • Amazon Cloud Player
  • Mog
  • Pandora

Roku 3 offers the users to stream their own personal content, for this purpose it has a USB slot and a microSD slot. It supports PNG, JPEG, MP3, MKV and MP4 formats
For smooth streaming users need to have a connection greater than 1.5 Mbps.
Roku 3 is astonishingly 5 times faster than its predecessor (Roku 2 XS). It downloads channels. loads video and navigate menus at a blistering speed. If you think for a minute that why would I need a Roku 3 when my PS3 or Xbox 360 or Smart TV can do the same streaming then don’t take too long to think because Roku does the same at a very high-speed.
The only alternative to Roku 3 is the Apple TV. For those who are familiar with Apple’s interface will find it a bit out-of-way stuff as Apple environment is the best as long as you stay in it. And if you are finding a cheaper alternative then go for Roku LT which is more like a budget box.
Final Verdict about roku 3 review 2014:
The options that Roku 3 provides to the users are extra ordinary as you don’t have t pay for those unwanted channels if you have got a TV cable connection or something like that. With the handsome amount of $99 you can even buy a device for every TV in the house. Roku 3 is THE best box in the market for the time being as there is always a room for improvement. It definitely tops Apple TV due to its wide range of tv stations, in-built head phones and lightning fast speed.the product got excellent user rating on amazon and proved to be best selling electronic home entertainment streaming media player. below are conclusions and video of Roku 3 review


  • A very large channel offering (750+)
  • New, fast and dynamic interface
  • Private listening mode with ease of finding all TV shows and movies at one place
  • Faster processor
  • Free headphones
  • High Quality 1080 HD Streaming
  • $99 competitive price with free shipping

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